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From the "fans of Jess and Joe" facebook group

Rob Bradley

He came, he rocked, he loved.

A consummate gentleman of unique individuality, compassion and singular wit.
Currently resides on Cloud City drawing pictures, hanging with Ol' Blue Eyes himself and smiling ...

Chris Harris

I think that some things can't really be made sense of, and every day this week that I've thought about what has happened, the shock and confusion is overwhelming.

You were always fascinating to talk to, and you were always interested in those that you met. Your smile and good humor will never be forgotten, and somewhere up there I'd like to think that Blue Cat is creating havoc! Jess we love you. xxx

Seb Bacon

To Joe Ruddy V esq. (BAhons, 3A-lvl, Grd 8 Double Bass)


We were both aghast to hear you have left town, but would like to express our appreciation for the calling card you left during your too-brief visit.

We are full of wonder at the intriguing copperpate gewgaws inscribed around the border, the droll and erudite doggerel, and the excerpts from your exquisite wax-disc collection which we can faintly discern when we press it to our ears.

How can we thank you enough for this marvellous gift? Until we meet again, sir, we shall carefully file the card within those ingenious but somewhat broken contraptions that we call our hearts.

Uri winterstein

Joe, you stole my daughter's heart but I forgave you long ago as you clearly adored her as much as she you.

Not to mention that you also won me over in your own right with your warmth, kind nature and great sense of humour.

You were a wonderful son-in-law who I will miss enormously, although I count on you remaining there for Jess and your baby in times to come. And I must add that I have never known a braver or more positive young man.

Mani Winterstein

Dear Joe, I want you to know how important you were and how much you added to my family.

You always made me laugh, however dire the situation and your bravery, selflessness and just plain goodness made me privileged to know you.

You were Jess's best friend and soul-mate and the son in law I loved dearly and you have left a huge hole in all our lives.

Please stay close to Jess while she deals with her enormous sadness and be there at the birth of your baby to help her.

Cath Bennett

Hey Jess, I'm thinking of you and sending you tons of love and positive thoughts.

Cath x

Harry Osbourne

Sadly the last time I saw Joe was at his fathers funeral as I was regretfully unable to attend his wedding.

However I have many fond memories from my childhood of making bonfires in the Garden of his parents house with him, his drawings and his double base which at the time towered above above me like some sort of musical sky scraper.

Much love joe from your cousin Harry. You will be deeply missed.

Sandi rust

Thank you for making this place for us all to remember Joe.. he was a funny and brilliant guy...

He and his wit will be missed.

Edward Szekely

Another of Joes cousins here. What little time I spent with him I see now as facets of the beautiful person everyone is talking about in this group.

It saddens me greatly that the last time i saw him was at his fathers funeral, and I don't have a more recent, happier memory to connect his face to.

The comments here by people who really knew him are both comforting as well as being part of the grief, as i can see, in sharper focus, what it is that's been lost. My love to all the Ruddys who I cannot be with.

Abby Isles

Joe ... The first time I met you you were laughing and joking about someting of other under the shelter at Richmond college. Such a sunny, happy chap, beneath which was a decent, honest man with a heart of pure gold.

Margaret Ruddy

Julia and I send you our love

and hope to see you next week if not before

**@&@*** and other goscinny such expletives

Mik&Kim are speachless

Jack Osborne

Dear cousin, thank you for all the memories that will keep me smiling and letting me share your beautfull wedding. I'll see you at the cross roads. Love Jack

Anna Mulch

i never met you as we were on 2 different continents, but there was never a day that went by that you didn't make me smile. i never told you that. miss you joe....

Richard Lines

Dear Joe. It has been an honour and a privilege. Truly the world is a sadder place without you.

Love to everyone who's suffering. x

Catherine Vernon

Joe was my unofficial bridesmaid - excellent at handbag fetching duties.

He's left a huge hole in the world.

Jim Carmichael

Joe was a really quite amazing and remarkable legend. What a loss to the world...

Helen Langley

Joe - we're going to miss you so much. What a wonderful human being.


Anne Coletta

Hello, I only know Joe from the Neil Gaiman message board, I never got to meet him in person. I was always happy to see him post, I could always count on his charm and his cheekiness, his silliness and his insight, his music and art, to cheer me.

My deepest sympathies to Joe's family and friends. My thoughts and prayers are with you all, especially you and the baby, Jess.

Rest well, Joe, rest well.

Clare Young

Hello, a message from a Neil Gaiman board member here: I only got to meet Joe a few times, but each time he was always so very awesome and very funny and great. He drew me a picture once (my facebook profile picture) and gave me a wonderful talk about drawing n stuff. He'll be very much missed by myself and everyone on the board I know for sure.

*big hugs to his friends and family*

Tom Blackmore

Damn it hurts thinking about whats happened, Jess please know that we are all thinking about you. Thanks so much for making him complete.

Ben Swann

no-one lived life so fully and with so much fun as Joe.

I miss him terribly but every time I think of him the tears turn to laughter as i remember all the wonderful memories he has given me. I am so glad to have known him, his cheeky smile will live on forever in my mind.

Nick Brown

Seeing Joe always made me happier, and that's how I'll always remember him.

Andrew England

Joe, it's been a while since we last saw each other, listened to some tunes and laughed together. I never thought that we wouldn't see each other here again.

I have and will miss your inspiring love, warmth, kindness and creativity.

You are an inspiration.

James French

I read about you in the paper this morning. A sad way to hear from an old school friend. Fond, anarchic memories of class 'R' at Grey Court. Keep smiling.

Maureen Parsons

Dear Julie, Maggie, and Jess,
I fear that any words that I write to you will have little comfort, I did not know Joe, I am a long distant cousin of his father, also Joe. Julie will remember me I hope, who also knew my younger sister Ruth, and her days in Kingston many years ago.

Your sadness is something that I can only imagine, it seems so unfair that some of us are surrounded by tragedies, and there is no end to the grief everyday in the world. Your future baby is a change in your lives, 'The future' and hope that he/she will bring back the happiness you have all lost. I can only hope so.

As for my contribution to the 'Cause' Cancer Reseach gets my money every week ! as I recycle my clothes at their wonderful shops! Having had two close calls with Cancer I am speaking from the ghastly experience that it was. And very grateful that I escaped, and still here to see my daughter Fy in her 26th year.

So Iam sending you all my love and huge hugs for all who need.

From your distant but not forgotten cousin. Maureen .

Patricia Ruddy

I am Joe's granny; 88 and not a silver surfer but I want to thank that wonderful world of Joe's friends for their comforting and loving recognition of his amazing qualities.

Joe and Jess's baby will be welcomed with all the love in the world and bring hope and purpose for living and loving.

From the Neil gaiman forums


This thread now has 200 replies. Joe's wit, sense of humour and artwork has brightened lives from Toronto Canada, to Chicago, to Minnesota, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and The Netherlands.

All over the world. That says more about the person that is Joe than my few words possibly could. He reduced me to helpless giggles so many times that i cannot help smiling when i think of some of the things he might have posted *here* in this thread.

...It might involve waterballoons...


We know you didn't want everyone on this board to make a fuss about your illness.

Now you are gone and suddenly we have to say good bye. You will be missed something awful. I wish I could put this in better words because you deserve the best words I can think of but it doesn't work that way.

I miss you too much.

I miss your funny poems and your amazing drawings. I hope someone's going to post that poem you won the prize for, it was so awesome. And I wish I had never deleted that PM where you wrote that silly ditty about yourself. I deleted it because I thought there would be many more to come.

I miss how you'd pop in here and say something that would make me piss my self. I miss you calling Mark a "silvertongued rascal" over in the other thread. I couldn't stop laughing at the time, and now I can't stop crying.

You'd think that people don't know you enough to miss you that way, but they do. Everyone here has a favourite memory of you.

You made a real difference. You made this board cheerfuller and naughtier and cleverer. And when you weighed into a serious discussion, we would all listen up.

If there's anything your wife and family needs, she can count on us. That's the only thing we can do for you now.

I wish this post had a more graceful ending but it doesn't. Other people will have to pick it up.

Only, I miss you Joe. Be well, wherever you are.


You will be missed, Joe.

I remember you as being funny, intelligent, warm, friendly and one of the most creative people I have encountered in my life. You touched people's lives and hearts, and that is really all we can ask for.

I have kept this in my "Favourite Quotes from The World's End" file since it was first posted. I never thought I would repost it like this... (see "shall I compare thee to a pile of plates" in poetry)


My heart is sad.

St Barbarella

Reasons why I'll miss Joe:
-He drew me funky pictures
-He gave me a copy of photoshop
-His art was very inspiring
-He was VERY funny and witty
-He was one of the first boardies I ever met
Damn it, I'm going to miss you Joe


Wow. I had no idea. Does anyone have that awesome song he made with all of us saying hi over the phone? That was so much fun.
We'll miss you, Joe.


This is awful. Joe really was a special guy.
I missed him when he wasn't around and to think that now he never will is just too sad for words.
Goodbye Joe, I feel privileged to have known you.

The Wanderer

He had a heart the size of a house, a mind perfect for mischief, fun and friendship.
I always had a soft spot in my heart for him, and always wanted an opportunity to just sit down around a table and tell some silly jokes over a beer or two.
Now that chance will never come. And I'm sad because of that, and because of what the Board will be missing without him, and for what his wife and child will miss out on by not having him in their lives.

This one's for you Joe. You were one of a kind. And you'll be missed.

Sir Dark

Dear Joe,

I only saw you in the flesh twice, but you had the confidence and the intelligence I always wanted, and I admired you for it.
You were a true gentleman, a good friend to all of us, and I'm sure you would have made a wonderful husband and father.
It's so cruel you've been torn from your new wife - least of all us - so quickly. We'll keep you in our thoughts forever.

Matt Cable

You're gonna be missed.
I still remember when Tong convinced everyone to use my pic for an avatar.
Joe made a three headed Matt Cable. That was my favorite. You were a great guy.

I'll be thinking of your family.

Joseph Izenman

Joe was known to the Board as Joe_3heads.

*Not Just An Average Joe...*

Not just an average Joe
Two more heads than average, to begin with
Three times the wit
Three times the charm
Three times the nuttiness, the craziness, the funliness
Three times the smiles
Only one torso
But still three times the heart

Now the average heads per Joe
Returns to one
But we remember
A Joe less average
A Joe less ordinary
A Joe with two more heads
And enough soul to fill them all

-Joe Izenman (known to the board as supersnazz)-